What We Are




Inspired by Iceland, 101 Reykjavík is a ‘kaffibar’ with a warm, relaxed and welcoming environment.


A haven from our ever increasingly busy lives to everyone who enters.


Whether you’re:


  • a high-powered, shoulder-padded business woman on a power lunch (the soup-in-a-roll has your name all over it)
  • a sleepy, possibly dreadlocked student rising out of bed at dinner time (a hot dog with ‘all the works’ for you my friend)
  • a family of seven taking the cat out for a brisk walk along the sea front (ice cream has been scientifically proven to lower stress levels*)



Our goal is the same:


To provide you with simple, honest food and drink in a friendly setting that perfectly encapsulates the unique spirit of downtown Reykjavík.


*we may have made this fact up but it sounds true